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FC APC/PC Fast Connector Single Mode

The FC-Apc/Upc Fiber Optic Quick Assembly Connector for FTTH is easy to operate, fast and easy installation, and easy to assemble with mechanical splice and no polishing.

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Q1. What are features of our fast connector?

  • Easy to operate, fast and easy installation ( within 90s )

  • 100% qualified, reduce the maintenance cost

  • Easy to assemble with mechanical splice and no polishing

  • High stability, low insertion loss and high return loss

  • 100% tested in factory before delivery

Q2. What are specifications of the products?

  • Insertion Loss ≤ 0.3 dB

  • Return Loss ≥ 50 dB

  • Fiber Mode: Single Mode ( SM )

  • Ceramic ferrule with pre-polished fiber stub

  • Polishing Mode: Pre-polished

  • Model Type: Pre-embeded

  • Tensile Strength ≥ 20 N

Q3. What are applications of the products?

  • Premise environments

  • LAN system

  • Patch panels

  • Optical fiber communication system

  • FTTH


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