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What Is The Quality Of Optical Fiber Cable?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Although the power fiber optic cable is widely used in the comprehensive wiring for long-distance transmission, this is not a lot of people have a deep understanding of their purchase. Today, we will explain to you how to choose the high quality electric fiber optic fiber products from the structure, materials, technology and so on.

1. Select fiber optic cable according to the material.

The material used in the fiber optic cables and the selection of the optical fiber cable are the key to the service life of the cable. The manufacturing process is an important link that affects the quality of optical fiber. The products with stable process and good quality are not included in the optical fiber added loss in the whole process of fiber optic cable production. 0. 01dB/km is the basic data to measure the manufacturing process level of the manufacturer's cable. Cable of the main materials are: oil of fiber core, optical fiber, the sheath material, PBT (poly stupid 2 formic acid butyl glycol ester), they all have different quality requirements, fiber core requires the ability to have bigger power charger, higher signal-to-noise ratio, lower bit error rate, longer amplifier spacing, high information capacity; Fiber-optic oil paste is an oil paste that is filled in the optical fiber beam tube. Its function is to prevent the moisture in the air to corrode the fiber, and the second is to cushion the fiber, and the buffering fiber is affected by vibration or impact.

Second, select fiber optic cable according to the number of cores.

According to some conclusions to choose different types of fiber optic cable construction can be divided into the central tube type, gysts, skeleton and ribbon to wait for a few kinds, different USES and different structure, the user can according to the line situation put forward the corresponding requirements. In general, the central beam tube type is adopted in the center, and the central beam tube is low in cost, and is competitive in the network of trunk lines with good pipeline protection. The laminar cable is reinforced with a steel strand or a single steel wire, and SZ can be used to make the cable, which can reach 144 cores. Its biggest advantage is waterproof, strong pull, strong side pressure. It can be used for direct burial. At the same time, it is easy to bifurcate, that is, the fiber optic cable part of fiber needs to be used separately, it is not necessary to break the whole fiber optic cable, only the fiber that needs bifurcation can be broken off, this is for data communication network. It is advantageous to add optical nodes along the cable network. Ribbon cable thousands of cores, some conclusions can be done it will be 4 ~ 12 core optical fiber lines, constitute a ribbon fiber unit, then multiple arranged in cable strip unit in a certain way, our network level is generally selected cable layer tube type and renew type two kinds.

3. Select optical fiber optic cable according to purpose.

According to the use of the corresponding fiber optic cable according to the use of different, optical fiber cable can be divided into aerial optical cable, direct buried cable, pipeline cable, submarine cable and non-metallic optical cable. The high strength and low temperature difference of the aerial optical fiber cable; Direct buried optical fiber cable requires anti-burial, anti-pressure, moisture-proof, anti-humidity characteristics and chemical resistance; The pipeline cable and submarine cable should be waterproof, tensile and waterproof. Non-metallic optical fiber cable can be set up with high voltage line, and the insulation is better. Although there is no iron core strengthening, it should also have certain tensile strength. Therefore, in the purchase of optical fiber, the user should choose according to the use of the cable, and request the manufacturer to ensure the stability and reliability of the cable.

In the above three points, the choose and buy fiber optical fiber than coaxial cable is much more complex, and can't simple with a few core price to compare, but should be selected according to the structure of optical fiber cable, raw materials, production technology and technical indicators to comprehensive consideration, we should not just choose too cheap price products. Because I have a lot to think about, not just the service life, but the whole engineering standard.