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The Competitiveness Of Domestic Fiber Optic Cable Industry Is Gradually Increasing
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Today, the domestic market of fiber optic cable size has occupied half of the global market, the more it is worth mentioning that the domestic cable enterprise's technological innovation ability has been improved, have been able to compete with international leading manufacturers. Thanks to the further optimization of the industrial pattern, the overall competitiveness of the domestic fiber optic cable industry is also significantly enhanced, with more and more influence and voice in the global market.

With the continuous improvement of production capacity, the influence of domestic fiber optic cable industry in global market is increasing. This aspect is reflected in the domestic fiber optic cable enterprises increasingly to the international market, in recent years the domestic fiber optic cable products export volume continues to increase. On the other hand, the ability of domestic fiber optic cable industry to "self-sufficiency" is constantly improving. Before, because not mastered the core technology, optical fiber preform in the domestic optical fiber preform for a long period of time are dependent on imports, make most of the product profit "lost". To vigorously in recent years, the domestic several big LingJunXing optical fiber cable enterprises independent innovation, gradually mastered the technology of optical fiber preform, thoroughly get rid of the subjugation of the situation, the industry's profitability has improved, too.

In addition, the improvement of the overall strength of the domestic fiber optic cable industry is essentially due to the improvement of the strength of optical fiber cable enterprises. Under the ebb tide of the market, with the continuous upgrading of industry structure, domestic market has experienced several rounds reshuffle, optical fiber cable enterprises number from the hundreds of the highest mountain in the squeezed to the dozens, and professionals are expected future real foothold in the market are less than 10 companies will.