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Quality Identification Of Optical Fiber Cable
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Optical fiber cable market is very competitive now, some cable factory to make money, regardless of the quality of the cable, with the worst grades of optical fiber, the fiber is large fiber factory produce waste, throw in the trash by some "dirty" cable cable factory back to continue. The cables they produce have no data, no quality, not to mention life and safety.

We can make a comparison between the excellent optical cable and the damaged cable.

The excellent cable chooses 1.5mm phosphating steel wire of the specification, while the residual fiber cable is converted to a 1.0mm steel wire or wire. In the process of using the fiber cable, the risk of fracture will be broken. 2.8 MM&mdash specifications; 3.0mm base imported data PBT beam oil paste is converted to 2.0-2.2MM base domestic PBT beam tube and ointment. The optical fiber is reduced in the fiber optic cable, and then the fiber attenuation becomes larger. Once the water is in the water, the fiber is broken.

The excellent optical cable is the standard 11MM optical fiber outer diameter, the imported PE material is selected, the damaged fiber cable is changed to 7mm-8mm optical fiber outer diameter, and the domestic PE material and even raw materials are selected. The tension strength of the cable is poor, and the surface of the fiber cable is cracked. Once the fiber intake can affect the application of the whole network, the result is disastrous. The residual fiber optic cable will be normalized to the 18MM width of the rolled steel strip to a general steel strip with a width of 12MM.

Optical fiber is used for waste optical fiber, and the optical fiber is used in the primary: fiber optic cables, packaging and so on are the worst materials, and the optical cable is not inspected. Their demands are "just on the line", but how long it will take is not known. Not to mention thousands of megabytes of fiber.

So, what method is used to check the quality of fiber optic cable is qualified?

1. Look at the surface, the thickness of the outside diameter, the thick of course is good.

2. Touch the surface, such as the black seal on the hand after the hand mold, which is obviously the optical fiber cable of the second product or recycled material, whereas the other side is like the outer skin lubrication, and the qualified coat PE material is used for the reinforcement.

3. Look at the cross-section of the cable, see the steel wire, the steel, the base beam thickness, color, the width of the steel band.

4. Look at the color of the fiber, the color should be gorgeous, and take a section to try the tensile strength of the fiber.

5. Please produce the test report for fiber optic.

6. Check the fiber optic cable with gigabit fiber switch or fiber optic transceiver to check whether the fiber optic cable is thousands of megabytes.

The use of the optical fiber cable will create a very frightening result, which is for the sake of the benefit of the company and the credibility of the company. Therefore, we urge you to avoid the small, cheap and cheap optical cable, and it will be a very troublesome thing to lay the cable in the first place.