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Fiber Optic Cable Industry Chain Should Build A Good Competitive Ecology
- Feb 05, 2018 -

At present, 100G has been commercially available, and over 100G is also speeding up standardization and showing samples. China unicom needle has begun the application test of a new type of fibre-optic cable.

In terms of optical fiber products, the requirements of attenuation, dispersion and diameter of die field will be gradually tightened to reduce the discrete range. Subsequent to ultra-low loss g. 654. E represented by the large effective area fiber will be considered new industry development level, the Chinese enterprise maturity and progress of research and development, international standard under the premise of economic cost deployment step by step.

In the aspect of fiber optic cable products, there will be a large increase in the fiber optic cable products for 4G/5G indoor laying, and the light-weight users will be stabilized and standardized. GYTA and GYTS are still mainstream in outdoor applications. The sensor security control fiber in professional application will increase significantly.

A number of fiber optic cable companies in China are also actively developing 400G optical fiber. In recent years, it has been calling for a healthier procurement mechanism for the fiber optic cable industry. The super 100G era is coming, and we hope the whole industry chain will build a good competitive ecology.