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Fiber-optic Cable Enterprises Embrace Internet +
- Feb 05, 2018 -

"Internet plus" is the process of transforming the traditional industries of the Internet, economic model and industrial structure. At present, the economic development of our country has entered the new normal, in two integration accelerating, 4.0, "Internet +" background, the optical fiber cable industry must seize the opportunity, speeds up the strong gluten JianGu, speed up the transformation and upgrading. The Internet is moving from consumer goods industry to equipment manufacturing, energy, new materials and other industries, and it is driving the transformation of traditional industrial production mode. In this regard, some people in the industry suggest that cable companies should seize this opportunity to accelerate the transformation and upgrading and upgrade the world level of China's manufacturing.

The industry has entered the mature market era, which means that the development of extensive development will shift to lean development. Companies that are unruly, innovative, and unprogressive will be eliminated. It is also under such a trend that cable companies should consider how to enter the "Internet +" era and embrace" Internet +".

As a fiber optic cable industry, the "Internet plus" model has brought great development opportunities. At present, the macro situation and competitive pattern of the cable industry have undergone profound changes, and it is an important task for the industry to accelerate the exploration of new ideas and directions for the transformation and development.

But at the same time, it is more testing the quality of cable products. Market turmoil is small and medium-sized optical fiber cable enterprises improve product quality, one of the important factors such as the spread of fake and shoddy products, such as malignant bargain prompted more small and medium-sized wire and cable enterprise to reduce product prices to participate in market competition, some small and medium-sized optical fiber cable enterprises to legitimate profits through improving product quality, leading to quite a number of small and medium-sized optical fiber cable enterprises are not willing to spend effort on quality management and resources.

Actively search for "Internet +" mode of development methods and approaches, has become a top priority of the optical fiber cable industry enterprises, adapt to the new development model, improve product quality and efficiency, the development of environmental protection and energy saving of high quality fiber optic cable products is likely to grasp the golden opportunity to develop and promote the healthy development of small optical fiber cable enterprises. Under the new normal, the cable companies urgently need to change their thinking, to adjust their ideas, to actively explore, to accumulate the foundation, to seize the commanding heights, and to cultivate the core competitiveness of the enterprises in the future.