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Explain The Development Status Of Optical Fiber Cable
- Feb 05, 2018 -

At present, the three major operators in China are engaged in the deployment of their own optical fiber access network, vigorously developing the fiber to the home, the fiber to the building, and the large-scale transformation of the light. With the deepening of the transformation of the operation of the operator, the demand for optical fiber has increased significantly, providing a huge market space for local manufacturers in China. However, the domestic fiber optic cable manufacturers and international counterparts, there is still a certain gap and insufficient.

The industry is still underinvested in developing new products.

From the demand of China's fiber optic cable market, the demand of the carrier is more than that of G.652 fiber, and the demand for the anti-bending G.657 fiber is obviously increased. The gap between the international leading level and the G.652 optical fiber used by China's fiber-optic cable enterprises has been decreasing year by year, which is close to the international leading level.

At present, the main difference of fiber optic cable development at home and abroad is that domestic manufacturers invest less in r&d funds, manpower and material resources in the medium and long term products and technologies, and the development is relatively slow. At the same time, the manufacturer also needs to improve the consistency of the performance parameters of optical fiber cable, and strictly follow the standard to produce, to prevent problems that are difficult to control.

It is important to note that the current domestic cable manufacturers still focus on the original product inventory, basic or on the basis of the original fiber optic cable products, to adopt new technology, introducing new equipment, lower cost, less pollution, the industry development of new products is not fast, values are still lack of research and development of new products.

Ultra-low loss fiber production capacity and cost need to be focused on.

Future overall development trend in fiber optic cable from the backbone to the ultra low loss optical fiber development, in accordance with the standard production of fiber optic cable products before, when the evolution of the backbone network to 400 g, the loss of the fiber on the influence of the whole system is more and more big, at this time, it needs the support of large effective area fiber ultra low loss.

However, ultra-low loss fiber manufacturing costs are high and yield is very low. The diameter of the core layer of the optical fiber is higher than that of normal fiber core layer, which leads to the increase of cost. If mass production is carried out, it will be about 40% higher than normal optical fiber. If small batch production is produced, the cost increase will be more than 40%. The cost of ultra-low loss fiber optic cable is a major concern in the future.

Some vendors invested more manpower and material resources for production, research and development, low loss optical fiber, but domestic operators in demand is not clear, this is because the operator need to consider to the benefit of the country's investment, hoping to use the most effective direction, cost assessment is an important measure. All these factors contribute to the relatively slow development of ultra-low loss fiber.

The market positioning of fiber-optic cable products needs to be accurate.

Communications industry each company has its own positioning and orientation of fiber optic cable manufacturer in China to enter the international market, need according to the different situation, on foreign market for accurate positioning. Second, in the international market, intellectual property requirements are stricter, and Chinese cable companies need to invest more in technology.

However, at present, domestic cable companies are more likely to follow foreign enterprises, so domestic enterprises need to innovate in concept and find their own unique development path. In addition, according to the fiber optic cable industry chain, the profit of prefabricated rods is 30%, and the industry chain is very important.

In the production of special fiber optic field, big manufacturers often ignore the development of some special fiber, but the small optical fiber cable manufacturer for certain special fiber development better, from this level, countries can consider to support smaller as far as possible, but with a unique technical advantages of manufacturers for the research and development of special optical fiber.

The foreign technology level is relatively high, the production technology is very mature and the degree of automation is very high. Deal with fiber optic cable price need to reduce the production cost, but cost does not mean that the lower the quality of products, but to improve production technology, improve product quality and yield, enhance product production automation, reduce labor costs.

Fiber optic cable belong to the basic part of the infrastructure construction, operators in network deployment in the future will be more forward-looking, fiber optic cable service life period, it cannot replace frequently, therefore, choice of products not only can satisfy their existing performance requirements, you also need to consider the operational maintenance and upgrade again in the future there may be a problem. Domestic fiber-optic cable manufacturers should step up research and development of new products and technologies, and mature the products, so as to bring down the cost of products and grow with the market demand.