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China's Market Demand Growth, The Market Fiber Optic Cable Recovery
- Feb 05, 2018 -

From the current domestic fiber optic cable market, the major operators of fiber and cable quality technology requirements are improving. Recently, China unicom plans to hold a 400 g main network testing, invited the main cable manufacturers at home and abroad to participate in, finally only two domestic manufacturers, three foreign manufacturers to participate in the test conditions. The quality of optical fiber optic cable has more stringent requirements to ensure transmission attenuation.

At present, the expansion of domestic manufacturers in the international market is still limited, but the proportion of overseas market is gradually increasing. China's fibre-optic cable companies are increasingly competitive in overseas markets, reaching even more than the world average. Of course, there is still a gap between some of the top fiber-optic cable giants such as corning. This gap is mainly focused on the light bar level, its light stick raw material has been in the use of silane, and domestic manufacturers still use silicon tetrachloride, the gap with the international giants in the short term it is difficult to go beyond, to the accumulation of time.

The market opportunity for communication fiber-optic cable is obvious. At present, the domestic market is beginning to emerge from the downturn and usher in a larger development space. From the perspective of development trend, the growth momentum is obvious, and the consumption of optical fiber such as metropolitan area network, network and resident network increased obviously. Not only that, new markets such as 3G, FTTH and NGN also play a driving role in the fiber-optic cable industry. Currently, the United States, Japan and other developed countries are vigorously developing optical fiber to households, which is also happening in China. FTTH will become China's optical fiber communication industry the most important market, at present, FTTH already start marketing in China, expects the new optical fiber optical fiber access need about 5 ~ 10 times that of the metropolitan area network, 25 to 50 times of the cable, which will provide broad market space for optical fiber cable enterprises.

In recent years, the technical level of fiber-optic cable industry has made great progress. The domestic optical fiber has been highly recognized by the market, and the usage of the communication trunk line in China has exceeded 20 million core kilometers. In the past few years, the fibre-optic cable industry has been through the most difficult stages due to the market downturn. But the industry is still working hard, and research on new applications is moving very quickly.

At present, the new fiber industry has put forward relevant proposals, the technical standard of plastic optical fiber cable is also in active formulation. In addition, the laboratory research progress of photonic crystal fiber, samples has been launched, although technology need further mature and the optical communication system technology breakthrough, but the successful development of the sample, will undoubtedly promote the process of market application.

In the future, the application of new optical fiber products will become the hot spot and market of the industry. To be bestowed favor on newly & throughout; , such as mobile communication new fiber, with a new type of resistance to bending FTTH single-mode fiber, ultra-low loss single-mode fiber, high strength, large length submarine cable with optical fiber, photonic crystal fiber, and high temperature resistant special fiber etc, these new products research and development and application of industry will be the focus of research and attention.

The future will be better.

At present, most of the fiber optic cable companies have strong ability of research and development, but there exist many unfavorable factors from the industry as a whole situation, its main performance is that the proportion of independent intellectual property products is not high, less original intellectual property. This situation leads domestic enterprises to participate in the global market competition, often in the passive position.

The expert's view is that domestic enterprises should be prepared to reserve the new technology of optical fiber products in advance and have more independent intellectual property rights in order to go to the international market. At the same time, we should further understand and master the rules of international trade rules and effectively avoid trade technical barriers. Faced with the new situation, actively looking for new economic growth points, it is also a positive attitude for enterprises to face the market and be aggressive.