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Useful to life in the network cable (fiber jumper) have a look
- Feb 05, 2018 -

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Now with the rapid development of science and technology in our country, the scale of the Internet industry is huge. The Internet has become a part of our life without knowing it. However, for many people in the network, they only know that as long as the network cable is plugged into a computer or a router, the computer can access the Internet only Knowing that fiber is fast online, but do you know how these fiber jumpers are connected?

The following will be divided into three parts to tell you a comprehensive explanation of fiber jumper:

First: fiber jumper connection

Fiber jumper is to connect the two ends of the optical fiber, the optical energy output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber as much as possible, and the impact on the system due to its intervening optical link is minimized.

Fiber optic sub-single-mode, single-mode transmission distance of about fifteen, dual-mode transmission distance can reach 10 kilometers. Optical fiber can be converted to RJ45 ordinary optical cable or RS232 cable signal.

Optical fiber jumper generally connected to the splitter or light with the frame, optical fiber jumper convergence Optical, Optical Optical signal to our usual use of electrical signals. Fiber jumper is the link between two devices, usually under the fiber box is the ST header, the switch fiber module LC head, fiber optic transceiver sc head, optical fiber and ODF frame on the fc head.

Fiber jumper is the convergence of two fiber optic devices, there are many types, such as ST-ST, ST-LC, LC-LC, ST-SC and so on, choose what type depends on your fiber device interface is ST LC or SC. Jumpers are also divided into single and dual mode.

Second: how to use fiber jumper

Fiber to the home in our daily lives, local area networks, communications room is ubiquitous, the fiber jumper products are mainly used in these places in our lives, there are home network fiber jumpers, it is mainly used in optical fiber connection Network access, optical data transmission, LAN, optical fiber CATV, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber sensor. There are many varieties of fiber optic jumper, detailed in accordance with our day environment such as building height, etc., to make the most suitable selection.

Third: the use of optical fiber jumper precautions

1, the device should be carefully read before the instructions, and manufacturers or distributors under the guidance of the engineer debugging equipment.

2, Rendering of man-made and other elements of inescapable damage should be promptly replaced damaged optical fiber jumper

3, to protect the ferrule and the ferrule end face, to prevent bumps, pollution, timely take dust cap after disassembly.

4, optical fiber network or system abnormalities, can be used to check the shortcomings one by one cleaning. Inspection or cleaning jumper shortcomings can be done first off check, you can generally use the visible laser pointer on the entire optical fiber link light discrimination. Perhaps further use of fine optical fiber insertion loss return loss instrument, check its various guidelines, guidelines within the scope of the pass, the jumper instructions normal, otherwise it is unqualified.

5, when using the smallest fiber winding radius of not less than 150mm.

6, before using the fiber jumper ceramic ferrule and ferrule end face with alcohol and absorbent cotton wipe clean.

7, when the laser signal transmission Do not look directly at the fiber end.