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Principle and principle of optical fiber patch cord jumper
- Feb 05, 2018 -

A patch cord is a shorter cable used to connect two fibers, usually with special connectors on both ends.

Optical fiber is an abbreviation of optical fiber, which is a kind of fiber made of glass or plastic, which can be used as light transmission tool. Transmission principle is 'total reflection of light'. Charles Kao and George A. Hockham, former Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, first proposed the idea that optical fibers could be used for communication transmission. Therefore, Charles Kao won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009.

The original two lines (or equipment or equipment), to one of the lines of the signal to another line, only to jump over. A patch cord is a shorter cable used to connect two fibers, usually with special connectors on both ends.

Jumper fiber is generally referred to as jumper fiber. Jumpers are usually optical fibers between ODF shelves. Fiber optic equipment to the ODF frame is often referred to as equipment fiber.

The meaning of jumper fiber is based on the topology map given by the project. There are fiber jumpers to the upstream or downstream sites. For example, a new base station (A) optical fiber needs to be connected to the optical port of another base station (B) New station must go to (B) station jump fiber to (A) station! For example, station (A) should use the optical port of station (C) but there is no optical cable between station (A) and station (C) until station (A) and station There is a cable to (B) station, so in this case (B) station with pigtail (A) station and (C) station connectivity! This is a small loop!

In the cable and equipment maintenance work, when the business is blocked, if there is spare core resources, should be the first time for the adjustment work, which we call "fiber adjustment." Fibrillation operation is directly related to whether the communication can be resumed in the shortest possible time.

Fiber adjustment steps are divided into:

1, adjust the fiber order issued;

2, the command end received notice of instructions, notify the other end of the exact check in the use of fiber core and spare core data to determine the fiber adjustment order, ready;

3, the command side notify the opposite end, in accordance with the order of the client to adjust fiber;

4, the customer business adjustments immediately after the inspection of the business equipment through the resistance and reported;

5, update the core material for the next fiber to prepare.

Transmission principle of optical fiber jumper

1, can be used to transmit analog signals and digital signals;

2, can meet the video transmission requirements;

3, there are several types of jumpers, round head FC, square head SC and small square head LC, ST and other connectors, can be used to connect the transmitter and terminal box