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How to quickly grasp the fiber jumper classification?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

First, the color identification

Single-mode fiber: Common single-mode fiber jumper with yellow wire body

Multimode fiber: common multimode fiber jumpers with orange or gray body

Second, the name corresponds

Common engineering projects encountered in the fiber jumper has the following types of models:

1, may be the largest type of SC seen

SC type: Its shell is rectangular, fastening method is the use of plug pin type, do not need to rotate. (Router switches used most, a lot of telecommunications, mobile distribution frame is also more commonly used)

2, FC type

FC type: external strengthening method is the use of metal sleeve, fastening method for the screw buckle. Generally used in the ODF (the most used distribution frame)

3, ST type

ST type: Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, fastening method for the screw buckle. (This model is the author I fear the type of installation, especially on many old equipment, disassembly is difficult)

4, LC type

LC type: Commonly used to connect optical modules or SFP modules, it is made using a convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. (Routers, three switches commonly used)

5, MTRJ type

MT-RJ Type: With the same latching mechanism as the RJ-45 type LAN electrical connector, alignment of the optical fiber with guide pins mounted on both sides of the mini-bushing allows for easy connection to the optical transceiver, A dual-core (0.75mm pitch) array design is the next generation of high-density fiber optic connectors primarily for data transmission.

Third, the comparison chart

The above is some of the commonly used optical fiber jumpers, the market there are some new jumper is not an example, the end of the text there are several points for reference.

1, the jumper is not necessarily the same at both ends, it is recommended to determine when construction is good, jumper is a small money, a waste of time more awkward.

2, try to use SC connector, easy disassembly, as little as possible to use ST long time maintenance more trouble.

3, single-mode single-core can use as much as possible, if it is multi-mode lines pay attention to the time of installation for the core, received a hair.