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How to correctly select and use fiber optic cable?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Using fiber optic Internet is one of the ways that computers connect to the Internet and get a lot of information. Maybe you do not know the optical fiber pigtail, do not know what models it has, do not know its use precautions, that does not matter, I will introduce you to the following optical fiber pigtail model, allowing you to use the Internet at the same time Learn about the Internet and computers.

Fiber pigtail model selection advice

Common models of fiber pigtails are ST (snap-in round), SC (snap-in square), PC (micro-spherical polishing), FC type (round with threaded) and so on.

Fiber pigtail Model 1: FC fiber pigtail

Developed by Japan's FC fiber pigtail is Ferrule Connector abbreviation named, which means it uses a metal sleeve, turnbuckle to their external reinforcement, fastening. As a connector, FC fiber pigtail structure is simple, easy to use operation, even the novice is also easy to operate. However, its major drawback is that it is easily disturbed by fine dust, resulting in Fresnel reflections, greatly impairing the insertion loss and echo return loss performance. Later, the use of spherical pins to improve its docking face, this performance is improved.

Fiber pigtail Model II: SC fiber pigtail

This fiber optic pigtail is also developed by Japan, with the same type of FC connector size and structure of the pins and coupling sleeve, but it uses a rectangular shell, and the use of plug bolt to fasten the structure . SC-type fiber optic connectors have many advantages, including the price economy, can withstand compression, interventional loss fluctuations, easy to operate.

Fiber pigtail Model III: PC fiber pigtail

PC-type fiber pigtail is the most commonly used in telecommunications equipment, it is characterized by a flat joint plane. There is a special kind of APC, used in broadcasting and CATV, the tail end of the pigtail head has a slight inclination, and such small detail changes can improve the quality of the television signal. Another type of fiber pigtails is the UPC pigtails, which are used for equipment with special needs (such as the internal fiber jumper of some ODF racks) due to its less attenuation than conventional PC type pigtails.

Fiber pigtail Model IV: SC fiber pigtail

In addition to small insertion loss, SC also has good repeatability, interlacing performance, good stability and other advantages.

Also note that you may also see the combination of the above models, such as SC-PC, SC-FC, etc., which means that both ends of the light are fitted with connector plug, which is called fiber optic connectors and Non-optical fiber pigtail.

Optical fiber pigtail precautions

Before powering on and plugging in the optical jumper, be sure to keep the output pigtail face clean. The proper cleaning method is to use clean paper, clean cloth or absorbent cotton to moisten with absolute ethyl alcohol, and then use dry clean paper. Dust cloth or absorbent cotton wipe again. Conditions can be observed using fiber end facet end face (be sure to make no output light).

Different types of fiber pigtail have different performance, suitable for connecting different devices. Therefore, in the purchase of optical fiber pigtail, consumers should make the relevant aspects of the understanding. In the purchase of the best time to consult the seller clearly, to avoid the trouble of return.