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Fiber jumpers to be used in pairs?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

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Fiber jumper refers to the jumper cable that connects the equipment to the fiber cabling link. Both ends of the jumper are connected with a thicker protective layer, which is generally used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box.

Optical fiber jumper (also known as optical fiber connector) refers to both ends of the cable are equipped with connector plugs, optical fiber jumper is divided into single-mode optical fiber jumper and multi-mode optical fiber jumper. In optical fiber communications, optical fiber connectors are commonly used to the specifications of SC, FC, SC, MTRJ, LC and several other models.

Single-mode fiber jumper, the general skin is yellow, multi-mode fiber jumper is generally orange, fiber jumpers are relatively soft, mainly used in indoor wiring.

Singlemode: Only one wavelength can be transmitted, but the wavelength is far away, generally 1310nm and 1550nm, which are called longwave. Multimode: can transmit a variety of wavelengths, but the wavelength of the distance is not far, usually 850nm, called shortwave.

In general, optical fiber jumpers are used in pairs. In actual wiring, it is not necessary to use them in pairs. Optical fiber jumpers are often used in pairs to connect with the equipment they are connected to. Generally, A hair, paired and sometimes even based on the requirements of the device, such as video Guangduan Ji. Multimode devices require paired optical fiber jumpers on the device, but single mode optical fiber transmission does not need to be used in pairs, with an optical fiber jumper on it.

Fiber jumper is actually a relatively short communication fiber, but because of the distance between the two optical fiber communication equipment to connect the foot short, so called fiber jumper.