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Fiber jumper should be how to maintain and manage?
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Fiber jumper should be how to maintain and manage specific steps are as follows:

1, pay attention to the bending radius of fiber jumper. Generally speaking, the diameter of 1.6mm and 3.0mm fiber jumper can bear the bending radius of not less than 3.5cm, while the MPO fiber jumper can bear the bending radius of not less than 10 times its diameter.

2, do not pull or squeeze fiber jumper. When installing fiber optic jumpers, over exertion can stress fiber jumpers and connectors at both ends, affecting their performance. It is noteworthy that if you need to use more effort to pull a fiber patch cord, then there may be some problems between the middle.

3, in accordance with the path of fiber jumper routing jumper. If the existing jumper length matches the current application, then you can reuse this jumper, but you still need to remove the jumper from the fiber distribution frame, and then re-install the jumper according to the new path line. This is the only way to ensure that jumpers are not knotted, bent or extruded. In order to route the jumper effectively, you should find a suitable path for the jumper between the two ports, while avoiding jumpers twisting and overcrowding.

4, bundling or system management of fiber jumpers can make the panel look very neat, but if too tight bundle or Department of fiber jumper will increase the risk of over-squeezing. To avoid this problem, the fiber jumper can be properly "loose", so that fiber jumper can move freely.

5, labeling is a necessary work, but also one of the most important work network system administrator. Proper labeling of any point of management (including patch panels) in the network cabling infrastructure is essential so that network technicians can pinpoint the beginning and end of an optical cable

6, check the optical fiber jumper for physical damage, including sudden bending jacket caused by indentation and connector damage.