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Fiber jumper maintenance is more complicated
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Optical fiber jumper refers to both ends of the cable are equipped with connector plugs. In optical fiber communication, the common specifications of optical fiber connectors are several models such as SC, FC, SC, MTRJ and LC. Optical fiber jumper has a thick protective layer, generally used in the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal.

Fiber jumper is divided into single-mode and multi-mode. Single-mode fiber jumper general skin is yellow, multi-mode fiber jumper is generally orange, fiber jumper is relatively soft, mainly used in indoor wiring.

Optical fiber jumper connector is relatively fragile, compared with the ordinary jumper finished product, fiber jumper maintenance is more complicated.

First, the use of optical fiber jumper wiring, the optical fiber connector must be protected with a protective cover to avoid contamination with oil and dirt will damage the fiber coupling, affecting the transmission speed and distance.

Second, if the fiber jumper connector dirty, it will affect the transmission effect, so to protect the connector, if you accidentally dirty, it is best to use alcohol to clean, do not use water.

Third, to protect the ferrule and the ferrule end, to prevent bruising, pollution, timely removal after the dust cap.

Fourth, when the fiber optic cabling, as far as possible to pull straight, reducing multiple bending. In case of bending, do not exceed the radius 30MM, otherwise it will damage the optical fiber core, easy to affect the speed of light transmission.

Fifth, put the fiber cloth good, so as not to be trampled, resulting in damage.

The cost of optical fiber is relatively high, and there is not a complete replacement of copper cables. Copper is still the office wiring, home wiring, residential wiring, dormitory wiring preferred, its installation and maintenance costs are relatively low.

When faced with transmission distance problems, we still have to consider and recommend the use of optical fiber. Compare copper cable transmission distance limits.