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Duct / Aerial FTTH Fiber Optic Cable Central Loose Tube

Model GYXTY / GYXTS / GYXTA FTTH Fiber Optic Cable is Central Loose Tube type in Structure. It is with steel wire and is armored cable. Can be used as outdoor transmission lines in core network, such as long haul and relay lines between local telecommunication centers. It can be used as outdoor distribution lines or feeder in access network as well.

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Product Details

Two steel wire on two sides to enhance balance
GYXTY / GYXTS / GYXTA outdoor aerial optical fiber cable from 2 core to 144 core
Fiber: can choose SM 9 / 125 or MM 62.5 / 125, 50 / 125, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
1. Low attenuation and dispersion
2. Excellent mechanical performance.
3. Good flexibility and bending performance.
4. Small cable diameter, lightness and compact construction.
5. Suitable for long-distance trunk, LAN and trans-area communication.
6. Aerial application.
Structure Advantages

  • Loose Tube

  • Filling Compound

  • Reinforcing Steel Wires Stranding Uniformity

  • PE Jacket



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